00. 24 rifle is a bolt-action carbine designed and produced in Czechoslovakia from 1924 to 1942. You get a complete kit K98/VZ. Perhaps, Brno did the same thing before they folded. 1938 date on top of receiver. Location: Lone Tree, CO Phone: 303-625-9935 Fax: 303-625-6139 E-mail: ltgl@cabelas. 26 was a Czechoslovak light machine gun developed in the 1920s, which went on to enter service with several countries. 338 WIN. Brno VZ24 Rifle - Landsborough Auctions. Paul. Vz24 vs 98 Hey Carpooler, thanks for the information. This is certainly the finest example of an all matching totally untouched Japanese Navy purchased and issued Czech Brno Export Model Vz24 P serial range 1937 dated Service Rifle that we have ever seen. 92x57mm. On the left side by the magazine feed it has these markings "Police JNI REDITELSTVI V BRNE. dbleagle10 , Dec 4, 2008 May 18, 2011 · The Vz24 has a scrubbed receiver and an electropencil bolt, so I don't feel bad modifying it a teensy bit. 75 The FK BRNO Field Pistol is chambered for the 7. Brno VZ 24/Kimber M98 Bolt Action Rifle with Box. Czech Vz24 Mauser German Modified G24t REF (Reference Library). Mauser 98 Spring, Firing Pin, 4-7/8", *Good* German Pull Thru Chain, 41", Steel, *Very Good* Mauser M98 Sear Spring, *Good* Mauser Brno Vz24 en calibre 8X60S Arme occasion en bon état. OK, I have a BRNO VZ-24 Mauser chambered in 8mm that I inherited from my father when he passed away last year. Un-numbered bolt, which is an Imperial German straight handle bolt body with Czech CZ marked shroud. The action is beautiful, I'd say 98% and still has a bit of that Brno &quot;gloss&quot; to it. Serial Number Lookup StolenMauser Vz24 Rifles Brno IdentificationSerial Number Lookup SpecsPic#2: serial 5445 #3 VZ 24. These are M98 mausers built by Czechoslovakia before WWII. It was developed from the German Mauser Gewehr 98 line, and features a very similar bolt design. These rifles are identified by the “P” suffix serial number. Stock matches serial number. Vz. 125" holes drilled 25 degrees off perpendicular, arrayed 180 degrees around, 1. BRNO ~ VZ. Serials do not match. There is also the Nazi party emblem (Parteiadler) in two locations. as far as I know all the cz24 type brno are large ring 8mm mauser suitable for any '06 length cartridge. They were developed from the German Mauser Gewehr  BRNO VZ24 (onklaar). and post-war Zbrojovka Brno, n. Chambered for the standard 8mm cartridge, it was so popular  12 May 2017 Surplus Release: Czech VZ-24 Rifles - 8mm Mauser 8mm Mauser Rifles - Czech BRNO K-98 - M98/48 Mauser - Yugo M24/52C - Duration:  15 Dec 2012 A look at the Czech VZ 24 Rifle. The VZ24 was chambered in 7. 6") barrel which was shorter and considered more handy than the 150 mm (5. 24'. Reputed to be the best quality . Your rifle has a Model 1922 or 1924 military action. verzi pušky systému Mauser 98, která byla užívána a vyráběna v mnoha zemích světa. Go. 24 Short Rifle for sale. We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items! I acquired a Czech rifle stamped: CESKOSLOVENSKA zbrojovka brno vz24 f1 E(with a crest of somekind)26 4732F1 vz24. Unfollow vz24 bayonet to stop getting updates on your eBay Feed. K98 Vz24. This offering is for 1 of our Czech Vz24 Mauser Stocks. Bore Condition: Fair. (Dark and Pitting). Caliber / Gauge: 8mmBarrel Length: 23"Serial Number: 3487 Jul 22, 2010 · I am going to purchase either a Mauser 98, or a Czech Vz 24. This rifle has been speculated to be made for the San Paulo rebels in Brazil and supposedly only 15,000 rifles were made under that contract. 300 Win. Shiny bore, strong sharp rifling. This is a nice original Czech VZ-24 Mauser rifle chambered in 8mm Mauser. Vz24 brno Mauser , stock show sights of war use , metal looks good , cleaning rod . you have a fine looking VZ24, it appears that it was made and stayed in czech; if it was romanian the last letter in the prefix there would be the letter R > as CR or the like. 308 win. 01106_r. re: brno vz24 Post by Greasemonkey » Mon Jan 09, 2012 6:10 am That's some pretty VZ24's fellas, mine is in a little rougher shape, someone cut the stock trying to fit a regular Mauser sling, sad thing is the stock matches receiver. VZ 24 production started in 1925- 26 era so you have a very early one. VZ–24 bayonets were made by Československá zbrojovka a. The Czech vz. 24 was produced in Brno and Považská Bystrica (from 1938–1942). The ZB vz. Czech Ceskoslovenska Zbrojovka Mauser Model VZ 24, Non-Import, Blue 23” Matching WWII Bolt Action Rifle, MFD 1924-1942 C&R VZ 24 made under German occupation by BRNO factory, marked with 945 manufacturer code on ricasso : VZ24 manufactured under German occupation, blade is Circle Z marked on one ricasso and has the German WaA stamp A80 on the other: VZ24 DOT 42 coded with blued blade . more research needed on barrel diameters on VZ23 vz VZ24but that is for later. jpg VZ24 008. , BRNO / VZ 24”. bsa1917hunter and BLM. Model: 98, 48 YUGOSLAV, 48A YUGOSLAV, 24 YUGOSLAV, 24/47 YUGOSLAV, CZ 24. Can anyone offer some information or a good site to find the age? VZ24 004. The VZ24 equipped the Czech Army & was the mainstay battle rifle used to resist the Nazi invasion. Value will depend upon conversion, barrel, and stock inletting quality. The 550 is a refinement of the BRNO ZKK action, which in turn can be best described as an "improved Mauser" action. Good condition. jpg. The Czech Firm of Brno had large numbers of Vz24 Rifles on hand and they were actively selling them to both the Nationalist Chinese Government and the Japanese Navy. Open Fullscreen. 24 je československá vojenská puška, která se vyráběla v Československu od roku 1924 do roku 1942. 20 Dec 2018 In today's video, we talk a bit about the Czechoslovakian Brno VZ-24 Mauser. Serial numbers are non-matching. Brno 600 - 601 Curved Trigger. Stock has little handling wear. 2 pounds, barrel and action excellent, bottom metal good, this action is butter smooth, numbers match on bolt and receiver, Please PM or post any ?'s, $625 shipped to your FFL in lower 48 Make: The action was originally built by CZ-Brno. The gorgeous wood and checkering are stunning,,more so than what my camera can show you. S, Brno with VZ24 below that. s. The "CESKOSLOVENSKA ZBROJOVKA AS, BRNO" script was used by CZ from the early 1920's to 1947. ermlum80 A+(1129) Seller's Other Items. Under German occupation during WWII, the Brno Rifles plant produced arms for both the Third Reich and the Czecho-Slovak resistance. The VZ24 featured a 590 mm (23. and had extended magazine. Make: BRNO Model: vz. Age of Czech vz24 Brno? I recently purchased a Czech vz24 Brno Mauser and I want to know what year it was made. BRNO VZ24 275 Rigby, 22" Shilen Barrel 9. 15 results for vz24 bayonet Save vz24 bayonet to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. The Brno plant (receiver code 'dot') followed suit in 1943 after ceasing production of the G 33/40 (t) carbine. Brno Model 1 Forend Screw Washer. The only difference I have found is the screws that go through the stock into the action on the Vz is about 1/8 inch shorter in distance than the 98's but they will all interchange stocks between them and the actions are all the full length the Vz is not any shorter. spol. 92×57mm Mauser like its predecessors. Brno Model 1 Firing Pin. This rifle was Czech issued. Bore has strong rifling with light pitting. 22 pistol was manufactured by Zbrojovka Brno (the Brno Weapons Factory) between 1920 and 1923. 01106_d2. Sharp Rampant Lion Crest. The left side of the receiver is marked with the serial number, “E4 small lion 38” (1938 acceptance mark), and “CESKOSLOVENSKA ZBROJOVKA, A. Czech Army Ww2 Era Repro Leather Vz24 Mauser Rifle Sling Czech Made. We do not know who sporterized the rifle. Oct 27, 2016 · VZ 24 Mauser chambered in 7x57 Mauser Made by the Brno Arsenal in Czechoslovakia in the 1930's. Both are in good condition, and are chambered for 7. Reply to this topic; What do y'all make of this marking on a 1937 marked Receiver Bridge, 2 line VZ24 [on Czech VZ24 Mauser Upper/Front Barrel Band, "H" Type. 5mm FK cartridge that shoots a roughly . Romanian vz. CZ BRNO VZ 24 bolt action receiver, Serial #P4999. Get the best deals for vz24 at eBay. Mauser vz24 BRNO Rhineland Arms 45apc conversion kit (this will be rechambered from 45APC to 45WM) Stainless bbl w/ bbl nut, cut to about 8. I will let you know what I find out about it later. Puška vz. 5 Sep 2013 Please check out my Patreon! https://www. The vz. VZ. 97 Manufacturer: Estimated 1930 - 1940 Caliber: 8MM Mauser Chambers: Bolt action, five round internal magazine. Gun is not finished, needs to be finalized by a gun smith, barrel is not fully torqued. By Racepres, August 16, 2016 in Mausers. In my local shop, I'm looking at a Brno VZ24, Brno factory stamp on  Tout comme la FN, Ceska Zbrojovka a produit des fusils et carabines Mauser , pour l'export puis pour le marché mondial ces modèles Vz21, vz98/22, Vz23, Vz24,  The famous Brno VZ 24 Mausers were produced from 1924 – 1940. 5lbs. They made 9999 rifles with a letter after and then started over with the next letter. . BRNO VZ24 8mm caliber rifle. The Commission approved the design by August of 1925, and the redesigned gun was designated the vz. 27, vz. The only way to identify the production location is by the serial number pattern and the VTLU code. If you don't have a midway usa catalog that contains this info,email back and i'll look up the specific dimensions for you. Guns International Advertising Policy This site's purpose is to bring gun buyers and gun brokers or sellers together by advertising guns or gun related items and services for sale online. Mauser Rifle Scope Mount Locating Pins, Set of 2, *Very Good* K98 Mauser Handguard, Hardwood, DOT Marked *Very Good* Czech VZ24 Mauser Rear Barrel Band Screw. 7 Jun 2013 I have a VZ24 with the Czech lion crest, and a serial number of D9344. The VZ–24 rifle and bayonet resulted from input by Czech cavalry forces, who found that the VZ–23 rifle and bayonet were not well suited for cavalry use. 01. Rear Brake . Later in its life, the receiver was scrubbed of the Czech Rampant Lion and most likely exported to another country. THIS CZ PRODUCED VZ. CZECH BRNO VZ 24 RIFLE WITH LION CRESTNon-matching serial numbers. Czech Brno Arms VZ24 Bolt Action Rifle with Bayonet. /The rifle was part of a huge buying spree by the Chinese Nationalist in the 1930's . Selling as a parts rifle. How can I tell if it is a factory sporter or if it is a sporterized military rifle? I'm not sure I want to buy a rifle that was re-barreled by an unknown person. Manufacturer: MAUSER. A Brno manufactured rifle would have a serial number as such: 1234 T3. Lot 344: Czech Brno Arms VZ24 Bolt Action Rifle with Bayonet. My receiver ring has the same serial number location, suffix, and Czech lion stamps as this one : and the rear sight base is a 98k, not an earlier Vz 24. There should be a serial on the back of the bolt handle like this: But then again, it is a 80+ year old rifle and strange things happen. Original blue finish and walnut stock. Good luck. Each cycle had around 260,000 rifles, 10,000 for reach of the 26 letters in the alaphabetif that is the correct number for the Czech language. Feb 26, 2013 · For sale is my CZ 24 Mauser chambered in 8mm Mauser 7. 375 H&H — Full Review The mere mention of the word obtains my undivided attention; it is the concept of a hunting adventure in the wild places of Africa, and is undoubtedly Zbrojovka Brno HEAVY HEAVY Barrel VZ24 . It also made other products and tools, such as typewriters and early computers. 92x57mm Mauser cartridge and could fit a maximum of five rounds in its internal box magazine, and Standard Czech BRNO markings across the top of the receiver ring with a 1924 proof date on the left side. Make: The action was originally built by CZ-Brno. 00 Vz24 K98k Czech Ww2 Bayonet Wscabberd 11. It could have been either ground off by the armory it was warehoused at or possibly just had the bolt handle replaced. I am venturing toward a fine 98 action although the brno 98 i hear are using recylced vz24's--it does not stop the purpose of buying one. $36. Also, the gun is marked $400. 065" 316 tubing 316 bbl adapter, press fit The Romanian VZ24's were manufactured from 1938 to 1942. 24 ~ 8MM Mauser Description: Price: $641. They are the same price. The Vz 24 was manufactured at the BRNO factory, and comes with a strong recommendation from the shop owner. A good post war communist era Czech VZ24 bayonet to fit the VZ24 service rifle. 01106_d1. 01106_d3. We don’t know when the stock was replaced and the rifle refinished and re-chambered. 24 . The rifle was designed in Czechoslovakia shortly after World War I , to replace the Vz. $45. Serial Number: 3703 Year of Manufacture: The model VZ24 was produced from 1924 to 1942. $0. MAG. Only 5 cycles of vz. jpg Originally, all bolts were polished and later (post-war) some bolts were blued during re-arsenal/re-conditioning. The receiver is in fair  ww2dbaseThe Czechoslovakian firm Zbrojovka Brno began production of the vz. Anyway, the VZ 24 is a very desirable Model 98 action for a custom gun. Need help dating a CZ 24 I have a CZ 24 with a 3 digit … A major production center was in Brünn, or Brno, as the city is called in the Czech language. It's serial # is 147. Estimate Price: $450 - $750. com : TACFUN Scope Base Mount for Mauser 98 K-98 K98 VZ 24 Scout Weaver : Sports & Outdoors Mar 20, 2011 · My Persian Mauser 98/29 is a VZ-24. While the receiver ring is the smae diameter, the bridge is about . 24s. Stock: Smooth semi pistol grip The E (lion)28 stamp is the final inspection and acceptance mark of the Czech military, the 28 is the year 1928. I am looking for the 9,3x62 mauser chambering. 02-09-2017, 09:40 AM #2 jbruney Czech VZ24 Mauser Upper/Front Barrel Band, "H" Type. Jan 11, 2020 · ***SOLD*** 1938 VZ-24 BRNO 8mm Mauser w/ repro sling * I pay transfer. Serial no 2707 Jul 22, 2010 · I am going to purchase either a Mauser 98, or a Czech Vz 24. I know of the 1999 and heard the best comments and too the many other actions of the "CRF" attributes. 5", overall 43". 30-caliber bullet at . $18. 02-09-2017, 09:40 AM #2 jbruney Two VZ24 Romanian Snipers. Lot 6607: Scoped Brno VZ24 Bolt Action Sporting Rifle in . Mix Play all Mix - hickok45 YouTube; Yugoslavian M48 8mm Mauser - Duration: 18:02. Crosse poncée, huilée En 1924, à la suite du Traité de Versailles interdisant l'exportation large ring and small ring mausers can be identified by the measurement between the action screws. Brno VZ. This example is typical of pre-War production. as for a premium price perhaps a little due to matching numbers a fine example congrats! May 15, 2005 · The 7 m/m has to be a rebarrel cause Czechs never used that cal. It's also possible, that the bolt is from an M48, since it has the ball ground like one and later, some M48A's & O's did not have complete markings because they The ZB vz. Bluing is about 98% on the action and 23 inch barrel. 5" before muzzle. Brno Arms VZ24 Bolt Rifle 8 mm. Rebarreled from 8x57 to 308 to duplicate South American rifles for Military/Service Rifle Comp. Used Condition. p. 24 pistols was completed in June of 1926. Brno Model 1 Rear Sight Spring Set (SPART1857) The side of the receiver is marked Zbrojovka BRNO A. View Item in Catalog Lot #306 (Sale Order: 307 of 421) Sold for: $300. Magazine matches serial number. Jednalo se o čs. 308 Norma - Auction: 8777037 (Ends 12/05/2008, 12:50:32 PST) Contact Info Is In The Auction, Thank You Kindly. MSRP: $1,299. 375" x . 4: Enfield No. com. Its in a crappy stock, but otherwise looks quite intact. 21:30. 00 . o. Maker marked from the Czech Brno Arsenal, prewar production with a Czech E Lion 30 (1930) acceptance marking. Did you win this item? A full invoice should be emailed to the winner by the auctioneer within a day or two. Like the ones pictured, all are in good used condition with dings and dent from service and long storage. Canon en bonne état avec rayures bien visible. Starting in 1923, Brno decided to develop a rifle based on the German Karabiner 98AZ, a shortened version of the Gewehr 98  1 Nov 2009 Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. 458 Winchester Magnum. The vz24 BRNO 7x57 But hey it's yours and hopefully it will shoot decent when it's all said and done. /. The Mauser vz. The first government order for 20,000 vz. No shipping The "CESKOSLOVENSKA ZBROJOVKA AS, BRNO" script was used by CZ from the early 1920's to 1947. CZ BRNO 98/22: CZ BRNO Vz24: Egyptian Hakim: Enfield No. The Czech VZ-24 Rifle, 5 Round Bolt Action by BRNO Arms Factory Zbojovka BRNO Chechoslavakia - 7. I'm trying to find out more about this rifle. $255. This Mauser functions perfectly and locks up tight. Fullered Aug 16, 2016 · Vz24 Markings. International Arms dealers sold batches of The vz.   6 May 2009 Brno VZ 24 Mauser Bolt Action in 8mm mauser. 55. On topped it's stamped 1937. Jun 14, 2011 · The vz. 24 rifle scope with Illuminated reticle with 7 power settings & scope mount, scope rings, lens polishing cloth and lens caps. Grip with bolt retained wooden scales has release catch to the right side and is stamped to the pommel tgf for manufacture at the famous Zbrojovka Brno or CZ plant. Unfollow vz24 mauser to stop getting updates on your eBay Feed. Though it was initially intended to be a production military pistol, it ultimately served as a mere prototype for the vz. Pre-war Československá zbrojovka, akc. This Mauser 98 VZ. Model: This is a sporterized VZ24 rifle. WAa stamp on BRNO MAUSER VZ-24 ,AT-ONE, #1 BARREL CHANNEL Barrel Dimensions: Point A = 1 3/16" and Point B = 7/8" Center to Center of Action Screws: 7 7/8" Front Receiver Ring: 1 3/8" Overall Length of Floor Plate: 8 11/16" Over All Length of Part: 31 1/2" Comes with Boyds' 1/2" Rubber Recoil Pad. 24 BOLT ACTION RIFLE is a Romanian contract rifle It has a good bore and is in Fair overall condition with no cracks in the wood . Product #: 811700. Lot 656: Brno VZ 24/Kimber M98 Bolt Action Rifle with Box. jpg VZ24 013. If the FFL is not on file it will often take additional time to ship. 98/22 , also a Czech-designed derivative of the Gewehr 98. 24, SN matches except for the bolt SN YR 18*** The tag with the gun lists it as a R1952G 8MM and the shop sold me 8X57J Mauser ammo for it. I have heard that some were sold as sporters in the 1950s. Czech proof 'E3' Lion '37'. Starting Bid. 24 Caliber: 8mm Mauser Location (city or county): Yuba City, will drive as far as Chico or Sac for serious relic purchaser. 2 in) barrel which was shorter & considered more handy than the 740 mm (29. From 1927 to 1930 and from 1940 to 1947 CZ sold his version of Mauser 98 to Romanian Empire; it was the VZ (=Vzor=model) 24, always in 8x57. 24 in main view . 025" lower than either 98's or commercial Mark-X or FN Mauser actions. Different front sight, Farsi letter inscribed, with lion & sun crest. Czech Army . was a maker of small arms, light artillery, and motor vehicles in Brno, Czechoslovakia. Czech Vz24 Bayonet With 12 Inch Blade With Scabberd No Frog Fit K98k Rifle Nice $239. 5'' barrel, Czech BRNO manufacture for contract/export. An inspection by a qualified gunsmith is recommended should the buyer wish to shoot this one rather than strip it for parts. 1. 01106_a. Our Products: Mauser Parts > K98 Vz24. Het werd geproduceerd van 1924 tot 1938 door o. 92x57. Brno vz24 Discussion in 'General Military Arms & History Forum' started by Kody24, Jan 28, 2018. patreon. The Czechoslovak Armaments  K98 Vz24. Stock stamped match VZ–24 bayonets were made by Československá zbrojovka a. I have a Vz24 and two german made 98a's. 75 Blade Oal Walnut Grips No Cracks Aug 27, 2019 · Vz24's are amazing rifles! They are accurate and most have the been there done that look. The custom stock looks like a Reinhard Fajen design which was popular in the late 1960's and early 1970's. Czechoslovakian VZ24. 303 Brit. It is a very well finished sporter in . It saw its major use during World War II, and spawned the related ZB vz. 5" (after tube was welded to bbl nut) (2) . Support Display Stand For Vz 24 Brno Bayonet. 550 actions The VZ is basically a straight Mauser 98 copy. I'll make a better video of it  9 May 2016 The Czech city of Brno has long served as a hub for quality small arms design, development and production. Email me when available. Romanian Model Vz 24 (Czechoslovakian Mauser) Import-Marked, Blue Make: The action was originally built by CZ-Brno. a. The serial also shows this with the Z1 suffix. Note: the scabbard has a stud more like the Steyr blades and not typical for most other VZ bayonets. Receiver with bolt stop and bolt stop spring . On the receiver it says Ceskoslovenska Zbrojovka, A. Brno Model 1 Complete Bolt. Not the Vz 24 I originally thought it was. 92 x 57 mm ( 8MM Mauser ) Caliber FFL must be registered and on file. According to the info I found these rifles are good quality made . This his came off an BRNO VZ24 Mauser. There is no proof that the E series is an Estonia contract, some writers say that contract was for rifle chambered in . Is it common on these Brno mauser’s to have this recessed muzzle and if so how do you slug a barrel without the slug hanging on the rifling. Beaverton, Oregon. I have a Vz-24, all matching with Czech Lion on reciever and it has the cm on the bolt knob. The vz. Mauser vz. jpg VZ24 001. 24 Sniper Rifle Scope kit and no drill mount is a great deal turn your old Mauser rifle into a long range sniper hunting rifle great for hunting. Production of vz. It was most commonly chambered for the 7. No import marks. Brno Vz24, the crosspiece pins have been dressed down and slots have been cut into the ends of the grip screws. Another Vz. Metal Condition: Fair to good. 2 Mk IV Trainer: Portuguese 1904/39: Reising Model 60 SMG: Romanian 1969 Trainer: SKS Description: VZ 24 BRNO (Zbrojovka BRNO) 8mm Mauser caliber rifle. Numbers do not match. My cousin said that he got the it for $10 Anyway, it seems to be in decent shape over all, serial numbers on on the barrel and receiver match, bolt, safety and trigger all function properly. The barrel has the "dot" shield and "45", a Czech lion proof, and what I believe is the remnants of a Waffenamt eagle, as well. The VZ–24 rifle and bayonet resulted from  23 Sep 2018 18GE-6 BRNO VZ24 RECEIVER - Little John's Auction Service. Oct 03, 2010 · CZ, BRNO vz24 barrel says . Nov 01, 2009 · Vz 24 Mauser Chapter 2 - Duration: 21:30. Kody24 Well-Known Member. I'd like to find one like you have! Lot 656: Brno VZ 24/Kimber M98 Bolt Action Rifle with Box. tjud, Contrary to above comment, the VZ24 is not identical to other 98 Mausers. The finish looks to have been buffed or polished off but the metal is in good shape There are no numbers on the gun other then I found a Brno VZ 24 in a gun shop today. The company Zbrojovka Brno builds on the famous tradition of the armament production in Brno as a subsidiary of Česká zbrojovka a. S. Barrels: 23 1/2 inch round rifled barrel. 24 which was manufactured by Ceska Zbrojovka (CZ). Bayonet Frog, Leather, Used. Vz/24's which bear the "D5" type phrase at the end of the serial number, like "2876 B4" are rifles made at Brno. Price: 150, will trade straight up for a mosin 91/30 or +100 cash for a mosin m44 or +50 cash for a chinese t53 Will ship (Y BRNO Seller huckjare Available on Long Range Hunting Location Chubbuck, Idaho Description. It still even has the original Japanese issued sling with Kanji markings still visible in two places. 99 | CZECH ZBROJOVKA BRNO MODEL VZ24 8mm RIFLE Czech Zbrojovka Brno model VZ24 8mm mauser rifle. com Czech BRNO vz-24; Czech vz-52 Rifle; Czech vz-52 Rifle 8641; Czech vz. Brno ZKK 601 Synthetic Stock (STOCK194) Brno Model 1 Forend Retaining Nut (Escutcheon) Brno Model 1 Square Front Sight Blade. $34. Oddly enough the VZ23 marked bayo fits this VZ24 perfectly. 24 was produced in Brno and Považská Bystrica (from 1938-1942). Used Guns. The Czech VZ-24 Rifle: The Mauser That Inspired Germany's K98 CZ VZ24 Zbrojovka Brno WWII 8mm Mauser Czech Czechoslovakian 1938 ARMSLIST - For Sale: Czech VZ-24 Rifle - 8mm Mauser - Good Bolt Action for Sale : VZ-24 Mauser Czech 8mm 1937. 1 in) Gewehr 98 barrel. 00 to a****s "Tax, Shipping & Handling and Internet Premium not The vz. There is always the chance that the Romanians manufactured another batch or two after the war to replace the battle worn pouches, but I can find no information about that. Uherský Brod, including spare parts. The VZ–24 bayonet represented a compromise between the VZ–23 blade, which was felt too short for use with the short-barreled VZ–24 rifle, and the unwieldy VZ–23 Long bayonet. Czech Mauser VZ. 24 Mauser, which is in excellent condition with 95% original finish. I Been told that these BRNO VZ24's were one of the best made Mausers. Feedback: 2 / 0 / 0. Markings of a VZ24 The VZ24 is a tough Mauser that was exported around the world and used by several countries as their military rifle. 4 Sold For. 30-06: GunBroker is the largest seller of Bolt Action Rifles Rifles Guns & Firearms All Two-hundred pre-production pistols were delivered to the Czech Armament Commission for testing in May of 1925. Sort by:. Unissued w/matching bayo & test target {hand select}. 5 Carbine: FAL: Finnish m/28: Finnish m/39: FN-49: French MAS-36: German Gew 98: German Kar. Markings: The import mark on the barrel reads “VZ24 8MM CZECHO / CAI ST ALB VT”. German Modified V24 Czech Mauser. My plan was to get the bolt bent and the numbers taken off it, and mount leupold bases and rings with an old weaver K4 4x32 to better fit the feeling of the rifle than something modern. If it has a R after A-Z example BR, OR, ZR, then it is a Romanian contract rifle. Buy Brno VZ24: GunBroker is the largest seller of Bolt Action Rifles Rifles Guns & Firearms All tjud, Contrary to above comment, the VZ24 is not identical to other 98 Mausers. Metal finish: 10% thinning blue, nicely worn, no rust. Unfortunately this does not have any markings. Paid $600 from Samco about 8-10 yrs ago. Excellent condition, only shot only a few rounds through. VZ24/Czech Mauser Stock Set with All Metal. Here is what ended up as a keeper for my deer rifle collection which is getting a little out of hand LOL. 24 series rifles stemmed from Brno and then, later, through Povazska Bystrica of modern-day Slovakia. Walnut stock with buttpad, Burris 8-32 scope (factory serviced, perfect) Butler creek flip caps, jewelled bolt and aftermarket trigger set around 1. Brno ~ . 4/5 Bore, 5/5 Stock. Perfect for my 6'3 inch frame. 24 was produced in Brno and Považská Bystrica (from 1938--1942). Each with a different style mount for the scope. 7. This rifle works great mechanically. The rifles made in Brno, the Czechoslovakian model, are known as VZ24 (for Vzor24, or Model 24 in the Czech language) and had the word Brno imprinted on them. com/MikeB128 This is a great piece of history and a great firearm. Hello to all. 26 influenced many other light machine gun designs including the Bren light machine gun and the Type 96 Puška vz. , Brno. DOT 42 scabbard marks : DOT42 coded VZ24 with blade in white . Buy BRNO VZ24 Sporter . Notably, the British BREN light machinegun was born in the Brno Rifles plant and in 1937  Ceskoslovenska Zbrojovka Brno Japanese Contract VZ 24 Bolt Action Rifle. 33. De BRNO VZ 24 was de in Tsjecho-Slowakije geproduceerde variant van de K98. 5 twist, Weaver Steel Bases included, 7. Uherský Brod. I would assume that the bulk of these ammo pouches would have been manufactured at the same time. Manufacturer: Zbrojovka Brno These bayonets are used extensively by the German Army in WW II, which fit on the Mauser rifle. For the latter, production spanned from 1938 into 1942 and even then these later examples were solely for use by the occupying German forces of World War 2 (1939-1945). Barrel 23. It is built off the timed and true VZ24 action. Can anyone offer some information or a good site to find the age? Dec 13, 2014 · Brno vZ-24 8mm Mauser , crest has been scrubbed. hickok45 125,863 views. Czechoslovak VZ 24 bayonet. 01106_l . 98AZ & 98a: German Mauser 98k: M38, M44, & 1891/59: Madsen m47: Mosin-Nagant 1891/30: No. It is a true 98 nonetheless. Imported by R Guns C'ville. You can see people on the moon with this piece of glass. 24 carbines in 1924. I did not know he even had this rifle. Chambered in 8mm Mauser with a poor condition bore. Made in Brno Waffenfabriken, same as VZ-24 long rifle. jpg VZ24 010. Romanian contract. Distance from butt pad to trigger is approx 13 inches. 00 26 results for vz24 mauser Save vz24 mauser to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. Authentic Ceskoslovenska Zbrojovka AS BRNO VZ24 Mauser Magazine Spring and Follower. 92x57mm (8mm Mauser) Legend: 'Ceskoslovenska Zbrojovka A. #4 41DEW on bbl #5 small letters looks like waa803 #7 possible lion stamp? The 45 is the last 2 of the serial number (5445). Re: CZ/Brno: VZ24 vs. The high-quality products of Zbrojovka Brno s. Temporary Mount VZ24 scope mount Now looking for a 4X IOR Scope (I think it is 33mm) large ring and small ring mausers can be identified by the measurement between the action screws. The rifle was designed in Czechoslovakia shortly after World War I, featuring a 600 mm (23. Good overall condition <!-- Serial Number CR2228 --> BRNO VZ24 8mm (R26438) for sale online. Czech Vz24 Mauser Stock (K98 Vz24). The CZ 550 American Safari Magnum in . I've heard some pretty good things about Brno and the Persian Mausers and I just found one at a local pawn asking $379. 30-06. BRNO VZ24 8MM RIFLE. This is a great rifle but I need something a little smaller to shoot varmints with. Czech VZ-24 Rifle - Broken Stock/Missing Parts Czech BRNO K-98, 8mm, 5 Round Bolt Action, Original Turn In Surplus Condition - Circle T Marked. Bolt is or I believe Musgrave was building the above rifles using surplus VZ 24 actions. Joined: Dec 11, 2016 8MM; 95% blue, excellent bore, very good stock, 23. Czech vz-24 Rifle Czech manufactured (BRNO Works) VZ-24 Rifle. r. These Romanian contract rifles were manufactured in blocks of 25,000 and each block was a serial number with a 2 letter prefix. Mag. The top of the receiver is marked with the Czech “lion” crest. Usual wear around the muzzle and crown. £125 . 24 was first exported and shipped to countries around the world in 1924. 44 Magnum power levels. Crest is mostly ground. also has a Nazi eagle stamped on the barrel just in front of the reciever The barrel is stepped in three areas as i have never seen a barrel stepped down like this as you get to the end. BRNO Seller chinaserf1 Available on Cal Guns Location Yuba City Description. Military BRNO VZ24 it has the following markings: G39Ru387 (Inside the G appears to be the letters ECO) CESKOSLOVENSKA ZBROJOVKA BRNO VZ24, the numbers 7067 are stamped on all of the components. Jan 28, 2018 #1 . Serial number stamped on left side buttstock, and electro-penciled on bolt. 24 was a bolt action rifle that was first developed in Czechoslovakia before eventually seeing service largely with Romania and Germany during World War II. 52 Rifle - 8602; Czech vz52/57; Czech M91/38 Conversion; Czech Model K98k - East German Contract; Dutch M96 Artillery Carbine; Dutch M1895 Cavalry Carbine; Erfurt Kar 98; Fazakerly No4 Mk2(F) Rifle; Fed Ord Model 98/85; Finnish M24 Lotta Rifle; Finnish M27 - Tikka; Finnish Czech vz-24 Rifle Czech manufactured (BRNO Works) VZ-24 Rifle. In concert with other world powers  CZ VZ 24. She's a beauty! The famous Brno VZ 24 Mausers were produced from 1924 – 1940. This is a Yugoslavian contract Czech vz. 30, and vz. FFL is required Ask Seller a Question  Current Bid. Amazon. Receiver Vz. This is a mil surplus rifle and has natural patina and a strong bore. Bolt matches serial number. It was developed from the famous Mauser Gewehr 98 line, and features a very similar bolt design. Thread starter Aero Denezol; Start date Jan 11, 2020; Tags 8mm mauser brno czech eastern front 15 results for vz24 bayonet Save vz24 bayonet to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. I understand your joy. I own a Brno VZ 24 rifle and I have a question: I understand that, when the Brno factories in Checoslovakia were captured by Germany, most of the VZ24 rifles found there were re-issued to german troops. 24 main view . 24 - BRNO Factory markings . Wood Condition: Fair to good, lots of character marks. Caliber / Gauge: 8mm Barrel Length: 24" Serial Number: XR16695 Beautiful custom VZ24 Mauser hunting rifle in . Mauser 98 Spring, Firing Pin, 4-7/8", *Good* German Pull Thru Chain, 41", Steel, *Very Good* Mauser M98 Sear Spring, *Good* Zbrojovka Brno, Czechoslovakia, 1937. Notably, the British BREN light machinegun was born in the Brno Rifles plant and in 1937 production began in England. May 08, 2013 · I inherited a CESKOSLOVENSKA-ZBROJOVKA-BRNO 30-06 bolt action from my father in 2013. 9") -longer Gewehr 98. Open bolt . 24's wwre made for the Czechoslovak Army. Rom Vz24 snip R actn Action, scope/mount right detail Edit Not all of these Vz24's set up for scopes had the stock cutout, I've seen a few w/smooth sides, also some w/straight bolts although most of these rifles have been reworked & are not matching so not much can be determined from these examples. 24. Estimate Price Brno under Nazi control made VZ24’s to be used by Romania’s army on the Eastern front. Apr 06, 2020 · BRNO VZ24 8 mm Mauser for auction. The front barrel band is missing a spring and the barrel band is screwed into place. in the product range BRNO RIFLES are offered through the distribution network of Česká zbrojovka a. The stock carries the same serial number as the action /Rifle bore and rifling Very good /Fore sight protector fitted /Gunsmith checked / suit service rifle competitor. Buy Authentic Ceskoslovenska Zbrojovka AS BRNO VZ24 Mauser Magazine Spring and Follower. I'm guessing it was a police sniper rifle. brno vz24

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